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We believe in more sustainable, health-conscious eating without sacrificing taste. Delicious modern Asian flavours, plant-focused dining. Our chefs, representing culinary talent from Japan, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, India and Sri Lanka, take inspiration from the near and far East - from fresh holy basil found in Thai recipes, Sichuan peppers in China, to shiso leaf commonly found in east Asia kitchens - to present an innovative and flavourful vegetarian menu of bites, small plates and larger dishes all designed to share. Our drinks menu features organic and vegan friendly wines, bespoke cocktails and sustainable New Zealand craft beer. Treat yourself to lunch, dinner or drinks at East. 


our food

East’s menu is a concise, focused edit of bites, small plates, noodles and larger dishes all designed to share.

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our philosophy

Look East for a new, fresh take on modern Asian dining.

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Edamame, black shiso salt (V, GF)  |  $6
Miang kham, betel leaf, bamboo, toasted coconut, chilli (V) – min 2 order  |  $3ea


Southern Thai corn cakes, pickled cucumber, kaffir lime mayo  |  $16
Larb salad, cos lettuce wraps, Thai basil, prik nam pla (V, GF)  |  $16
Steamed mushroom cheung fun, homemade ‘XO’, crispy garlic (V, GF)  |  $18
Ginger caramelised bang bang shitake mushrooms (V)  |  $18 
Sticky jackfruit bao bun, sweet chilli, coriander (V) – min 2 order  |  $8ea


Som tam salad, young papaya, tomato, lime, tamarind, peanut (V, GF)  |  $18
Crispy tofu, cucumber & beansprout salad, crushed peanut, sweet chilli (V, GF)  |  $20
Steamed water chestnut, corn & coriander dumplings, black vinegar (V)  |  $16
Gado gado, longbean, chioggia beetroot, spinach, tempeh, soft egg (GF)  |  $22
Cold silken tofu, crispy shallots, coriander, black vinegar (V)  |  $20


Typhoon shelter fried rice, corn, broccolini, burnt garlic (V, GF)  |  $20
Chilled soba noodles, edamame, bok choy, sesame ginger dressing (V)  |  $24 
Dan dan noodles, sesame, peanut, soft egg  |  $23
Pad see ew noodles, gai laan, egg, beansprouts (GF) |  $23



Peking jackfruit pancakes, tapioca chips, plum sauce – 6 pieces  |  $26
Southern Thai yellow curry, pumpkin, pineapple, broccoli, Thai basil (V, GF)  |  $26
Spicy garlic eggplant, spring onion, chilli (V)  |  $24
Caramelised black pepper tofu, shallots, garlic, gai laan (V)  |  $25


Jasmine rice (V, GF)  |  $4
Homemade kimchi (V, GF)  |  $6
Snow peas & broccolini in ginger soy (V, GF)  |  $10
Smashed cucumber, garlic, chilli (V, GF)  |  $8


‘XO’ sauce (V, GF)  $3
Chilli sauce (V) $1.50
Chilli oil (V, GF)  $1.50
Fresh chopped chilli (V, GF)  $1.50


Kaffir lime & lemongrass crème caramel (V, GF)  |  $16
Matchamisu  |  $16
Chocolate spring rolls, vanilla bean ice cream  |  $16


V = vegan   GF = gluten free
Menu items may contain or come into contact with WHEAT, EGGS, PEANUTS, TREE NUTS and MILK. Please let your server know of any allergies.




Enjoy our carefully selected range of certified organic or biodynamic and vegan friendly wines.




Huia Blanc de Blancs 2017 Marlborough, NZ  |  $17

Serenello Prosecco Extra Dry Veneto, Italy  |  $13


Hunky Dory Sauvignon Blanc 2020 Marlborough, NZ  |  $12

Kelly Washington Sauvignon Blanc 2017 Marlborough, NZ  |  $15

Greenhough ‘Road Block’ Chardonnay 2019 Nelson, NZ  |  $14

Pacific Potion Pinot Gris 2019 Hawke’s Bay, NZ  |  $12

Fromm Pinot Gris 2019 Marlborough, NZ  |  $15

Framingham Classic Riesling 2019 Marlborough, NZ  |  $13

Seresin ‘Chiaroscuro’ Pinot Gris/Gewürztraminer/Riesling 2018 Marlborough, NZ  |  $15

Millton Chenin Blanc 2018 Gisborne, NZ  |  $15


Momo 2020 Marlborough, NZ)  |  $13


Seresin ‘Leah’ Pinot Noir 2017 Marlborough, NZ  |  $15

Ted Pinot Noir 2018 Central Otago, NZ  |  $18

Coco Di Mama Syrah 2018 Sicily, Italy  |  $13

Beautiful Chaos Syrah 2020 Marlborough, NZ  |  $16

Kennedy Point ‘Red Trumpet’ Cabernet/Merlot 2019 Waiheke Island, NZ  |  $20

Mt. Edward Gamay 2020 Central Otago, NZ  |  $16

Sensi Vegante Chianti Superiore 2017 Tuscany, Italy  |  $17


Seresin Late Harvest Riesling 2018 Marlborough, NZ  |  $12




available from 5pm


OMO SAKE  |  $18

Jasmine infused tengumai junmai sake, campari, sweet vermouth, tea pearl



Hombo shuzo shochu, lemon juice, honey syrup, sesame, grapefruit & hops bitters



Lemongrass & coriander infused vodka, lime juice, ginger beer, anise bitters, fresh mint



Roots dry gin, lemon juice, cointreau, jasmine syrup



Mars Cosmo Maltage whisky, sweet vermouth, houraisen kanjuku umeshu, coffee & pimento bitters,
lapsang souchong atomiser


NANG PIMM (non-alcoholic) |  $16

Seedlip spice 94, lemonade, lemon juice, angostura bitters, strawberries, Thai basil, blackberry & balsamic bitters






our team

Our team of chefs represent culinary traditions from Japan, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, India and Sri Lanka, with pedigrees from some of Auckland’s best modern Asian restaurants.