Our philosophy

With every new day, with each new sun rising from the east, the opportunity to make better choices in how we eat, live and impact the environment are of paramount importance.

Our owners, lifelong vegetarians with Hong Kong roots, have enjoyed modern Asian cuisine from Japan to Sri Lanka and the vibrant, robust flavours achieved in plant-focused recipes.

We believe that vegetarian and vegan dining does not mean sacrificing taste. Asian flavours –  salty, sweet, sour, spicy and even sometimes bitter – delivers a fantastic punch. We aim to deliver high impact on taste and low impact on the environment.

On the menu you will find inspiration from the near and far east; from fresh holy basil found in Thai recipes, to Sichuan peppers in China, to piquant gochuchang chilli pastes used in Korean kitchens. In designing the menu, we wanted to be generous, concise, convivial and for all dishes to be shared.

Our wine list is one of the only restaurants in New Zealand to have a 100% organic (or biodynamic) and vegan wine list. We support artisanal producers across New Zealand and boutique beverage and spirits brands.

Our restaurant’s stylish but relaxed design was created for us by Luchetti Krelle, an award-winning architecture and interior design firm that counts Longrain in Tokyo and Acme in Sydney as clients. Dark, rich jade green walls juxtapose marble and brass accents, whilst eclectic black and white floor tiles add a touch of whimsy. Banquettes and chairs are stylish and comfortable; timber tables are large and there is generosity of space to create a refined dining experience.

Look to East for a new, fresh take on modern-Asian dining.


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